Registration open for Vocal, Piano, Sitar, Violin, Flute, Bharatnatyam and Bollywood Dance Classes in Washington DC metro region.

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Sheet Music

Music for Flute, Piano, Cello & Saxophone

Sitar Saurabh DVD
Live recording.

Know Indian Songs Book
Prayers and devotional songs from India in Western music notation. Play on Piano, Guitar, Cello, Saxophone and all the instruments of Treble Clef
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Bouquet of Ragas
Padmabhushan Pandit Debu Chaudhury's
tribute to Manjusree
A Masterpiece.
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 Dance class
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Know India Organization




Know India Organization is dedicated to promoting Indian Culture and Traditions and bringing it closer to the people of Washington DC metro area. 


  • Music lessons vocal and instrumental
  • Dance Lessons (Bharatnatyam)
  • Language classes (Hindi, Punjabi)
  • Organizing concerts  and dance performances
  • Inviting artists from India to perform
  • Lecture Demonstrations at schools and colleges
  • Music Albums  
  • Produce cultural programs for TV and radio



Music Albums


Indian Classical Music Sitar album "Monsoon"  by Dr.Suman Sharma. 

Available on  

Indian Classical Music Sitar album "Melody of Joy"  by Dr.Suman Sharma. 

 Available on  

Music Lessons

At present students can learn:

  • Sitar 

  • Piano

  • Vocal

  • Violin

  • Flute

  • Half an hour individual lesson per week (Sitar Piano and Vocal). Please call us at 1-888-MY-SITAR  ( to schedule a class.

Artist/Tutor: Dr. Suman Sharma (Sitar, Piano, Vocal)  Saumya Vats


Organizes Indian Classical music concerts in DC metro area.

  • Every year we present Summer and Winter concert for all our students. Each student gets a chance to perform at these concerts.
  • Our Students have also performed at several venues in Washington DC area , including Kennedy Center in Washington DC.



Dance Lessons:

Students are required to be 5 years and older.  The style of dance taught will be Bharatanatyam.  The classes will be one hour long.  Initially the first half will be devoted to Bharatanatyam and the second half to rhythm and movement to get the students familiar with the concept of ‘Taal’ or beats.  As the student progresses with the learning of “adavus” i.e., basic steps of Bharatanatyam, the entire hour will be subsequently devoted to the teaching of Bharatanatyam.  Each student will receive a folder with information of what they will be taught in class.  

Artist/Tutor: Saumya Vats


 We are currently offering lessons in Hindi and Punjabi.

Tutor: Mrs. Daler Deol

Know India Org.

 Email:    Tel: 1-888-MY-SITAR